Hurricane Maria knocked Puerto Rico down,

with Faith we shall get it standing once again!

We are launching a web site page strictly for donations going towards Hurricane Maria Puerto Rico relief efforts. We plan on collecting as much money as possible and then making the best decision on how to get that money directly to the people that need it the most.

No overhead costs, no administrative costs will be paid with these funds, 100% collected will be donated on behalf of Puerto Rico Lacrosse and you, our loyal supporters and fans. Please visit and leave a donation.

Please give to help, please give assist.

Shortly, we will be selling t-shirts with the logo above, and 100% of those sales will be given towards the Puerto Rico Relief efforts. Together we can help, With Faith we shall stand!

PUERTO RICO LACROSSE, INC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all financial contributions are tax deductible. Please consider supporting Puerto Rico Lacrosse in our efforts to provide humanitarian relief to our fellow Puerto Ricans. 100% of all money raised for this relief effort, through our web site, will be given to organizations or assistance efforts that are directly making a difference. WE want you to be assured that none of the money will go towards any other reason. With all the chaos that is still present, we believe that it may be a short period before we can identify who will be the recipient(s) of our collected fund. Although the amount may not be significant, it will help. Please, consider your donation as a step towards rebuilding.

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