This Too Shall Pass

However you would you describe it, fortunate or blessed, the undeniable truth is that Puerto Rico had a divine intervention that lives were not taken as a result of Irma. We sat and observed as this Hurricane made its way towards our beloved island, and now we can rest slightly that it has passed. The island is without power, but at least from the friends and family that we have heard from, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

Sure the restoration and the cleanup efforts have begun, but we can rebuild and restore. The most precious thing was maintained, human life. We are not taking it lightly that as of current postings, several lives were lost in surrounding islands, but for the most part, the storm’s effects are not as catastrophic as were predicted in Puerto Rico.

Where does that leave us, well, Irma’s current path is headed towards Florida, where a small group of Puerto Rico Lacrosse players and family live. We anticipate that landfall will occur Saturday evening, Sunday morning. The crises and stress is being relived, the evacuations, the shortages, the stressors are being experienced by our extended family of lacrosse players, and for some of us, literally having family living in Florida.

We didn’t find a true need to start a donation of funds for Puerto Rico; they primarily just need people to help with the cleanup. However as the storm tracks towards Florida, we are reaching out to you in a different way. We are going to solicit donations of prayers for those that remain in the path of this catastrophic storm. WE request ongoing prayers for those that were affected by Harvey in Texas as we have players there as well. Conscious efforts to keep all those facing this moment in life focused and to be able to embrace life long after these storms pass. I say these, because we see JOSE, lurking around and starting to make his presence known.

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