As Puerto Rico prepares for what could be the strongest and most powerful storm to hit the Island in some time, we start to feel the swarm of overwhelming emotions that accompany any sort of stressful situation.

We tend to feed off the frenzy of online articles, the snapshots of social media seemingly going viral, and the non-stop imagination formulating scenarios of "what if" especially in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

As of today, Irma has reached CAT 5 status with sustained winds in excess of 175mph. This alone is of high concern, but then you factor in the ocean waters overbearing the shore line, and further destruction becomes a very strong possiblity.

We don't have the absolute answer as to what will occur, but what we do know, we would like to share:

1) We know that the good Lord will see us through in accordance to his plan.

2) Puerto Rican people are resilient and we will see this through, help neighbors as we help our own families.

3) We (Puerto Rico Lacrosse) spoke today in length and decided when Irma passes and the damage is assessed, if the need arises we will initiate a donations page.

Puerto Rico Lacrosse will create a HURRICANE IRMA donation fund, specifically to route to Puerto Rico and to help overcome the issues typically surrounding the wake of a major storm. It is too early to determine what would be needed or how to most effectively donate any money collected. So we have decided to establish the plan, and if needed, put it into place. We have discussed in length how we best can contribute and how to go about getting these funds directly to the island. As you track the progress of the storm, keep our website visible and look for any further details on how you could financially assist. As always, thank you for your continued assistance and support.

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