Milestones in Cabo Rojo: THE GEAR HAS LANDED!

Lion's Club Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

It’s not often that we have to post an update almost instantly, but there are occasions

where the content we are sharing is almost jumping from our emails. Yesterday, we received further progress on the youth development in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, and if wasn’t for the time it came in, the post would have been up last night. As many of you have been following, we were blessed with having the “sticks” align and establishing a very promising contact in Cabo Rojo. Elliot Hernandez, who oversees a summer camp program, received some basic fundamental lacrosse training last month from Nathan Lowmaster, Puerto Rico Lacrosse President, and in turn, some of the fellow camp physical education teachers received the same training from Elliot and have now taken on the challenge.These teachers conducted the first official youth lacrosse session of 2017. With the first wave of basic equipment arriving at their school, it was now time for Elliot and his fellow lax–ers to demonstrate to the young kids in attendance, the great sport of lacrosse. Puerto Rico Lacrosse’s dream of establishing a youth development program with focus on lacrosse, leadership, mentorship, and camaraderie is now being realized. The “Lax” ready team at the Lions Club of Cabo Rojo, received the initial shipment of Puerto Rico Lacrosse donated gear and outfitted the kids with helmets, sticks, and padding and then proceeded to deliver world class instruction on lacrosse. Imagine anything in life that you look up to, or simply are overjoyed with seeing, and you might just be able to capture the emotions these kids feel by experiencing lacrosse for the first time. To put it into perspective, this is not only a new sport to these kids, but as a whole to the island. It’s not a common thing to see someone at the park tossing a lacrosse ball around, or popping off 100 reps of wall ball. Elliot said that both the boys and girls in attendance truly loved their newfound sport. The greatest satisfaction with any plan is to see it come to fruition, and you can see in these photos their joy is overwhelming.Puerto Rico Lacrosse continues to support this camp with networking and promoting the gear donation initiative. Again, 100% of all equipment and financial support donated towards this cause goes to the program. The Federation of International Lacrosse has scheduled delivery for an equipment donation within the next few weeks. Our personal gear drive has provided one wave of gear and is accepting financial donations to deliver a second wave. The hope is that along with the camp in Cabo Rojo, we can use our resources, social media channels like our good friends at LAX All-stars, and word of mouth from our supporters to capture the attention of other youth sports camps on the island. Eventually, we will establish enough interest that additional youth leagues will form and someday witness a friendly game of lacrosse between teams strictly fielded from the youth born and or living on the island of Puerto Rico.

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