Dream to Reality; How to further develop Puerto Rico Lacrosse

We are always trying to improve the program and make it known to the world. Puerto Rico Lacrosse exists for three purposes - Bringing the sport of lacrosse to the island of Puerto Rico. Establish a constant youth development program on the island; not only in lacrosse, but sound mentorship, leadership, and life skills of the youth. Third, the establishment of National teams for men and women to represent the island.

All these initiatives are ongoing and in early stages of realization. The current position of the organization has been done on small donations, contributions of gear and money, and the countless hours of volunteers. We have reached a period where the assistance of others: private citizens, small businesses, and large corporations are much needed. The ability to spread the awareness, solicit donations, and being ambassadors of the program is highly relied upon from the players, families and current supporters of Puerto Rico Lacrosse.

The Board of Puerto Rico Lacrosse, along with the coaching staff solicit everyone's assistance with promoting awareness that Puerto Rico Lacrosse exists and what we are about. The core of our program is to eventually be fully supporting of youth development on the island, and the financial responsibilities of maintaining the national teams.

How could you help? We need for the message to get out, we need for the eyes and ears of those unaware to be open and receptive. We need financial support through donations and contributions. We need donated equipment to send to Puerto Rico. Yes, it's a lot of needs, but the reward is simply knowing that you made a difference in realizing this dream. You were instrumental in the development of the this program. You made a difference!

I experienced recently having an open mic in front of a fairly large crowd of Puerto Ricans at an opening of a local restaurant. The experience was incredible when I witnessed the eyes opening up wide and the attention given when I said -"Puerto Rico has a Lacrosse team". I imagine that it was a shock hearing this, and I imagined for a second, that the connection was made to the pride felt when Puerto Rico nearly won the World Baseball Championship.

It is that sense of pride that we need for you to experience, helping spread the message. We can't do it alone. Please use your resources, your followers, your friends, your family and make them aware and share. All donations can be made through our page: http://www.puertoricolax.com/donate

It's all hands needed on this one, we can't simply do it alone.

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