With the Foxborough tournament right around the corner, we can't let our guard down and in fact, we had to turn up the heat. Literally speaking, Puerto Rico Lacrosse President Nathan Lowmaster is currently in Puerto Rico marketing our program to establish the ground work for a planned summer camp of Lacrosse. When the opportunity arose to meet with a camp director in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, Nate came off the Face Off with possession - yep pun intended and provided two hours of instruction to 5 private and public high school phys ed teachers/coaches that teach/coach in Cabo Rojo (west coast). They will take the instruction provided, and teach 7 other phys ed teachers/coaches (for a total of 12 phys ed/coaches being trained in the fundamentals of lacrosse). These 12 individuals are running a 2 month summer sports camp in Cabo Rojo, Monday-Friday 8a-4p for 8 weeks. Approx 260-280 youth aged 4-16 will be attending. "The camp director fell in love with the sport, and now has made lacrosse a part of the camp's daily agenda," said Nathan.

Currently Puerto Rico Lacrosse is conducting a gear drive that will help support this effort. What is needed is significant but very achievable:

1) 10 mini fiddle sticks/mini balls (for the 4-5 year olds)

2) 20 complete male sticks

3) 20 complete female sticks

4) Tennis balls

5) "Soft" "Practice" lacrosse balls

These type of discussions and camps are exactly what we are hoping to start spreading around Puerto Rico.

Last year the camp saw nearly 300 kids and with the addition of lacrosse this year, perhaps that number can grow.

Moving forward those taught introduced the idea that Puerto Rico Lacrosse comes to their respective schools in the beginning of the next school year (August) to provide clinics/instruction to students and interested staff members. This is in the very early stages of ideas. More to follow.

Baby steps are turning into a slightly faster pace, we are one year in as Puerto Rico Lacrosse and look at us go!

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