What's the Word, How many are going?

With less than two weeks away, the final preparations are being made for our long weekend in Foxborough. I am happy to say that about 97% of our gear is already in house with the remaining portion in transient. The final mentions are, we have secured an exclusive weekend pass for the NCAA tournament which includes parking, a tailgate party on Saturday and a special PR LAX t-shirt all for $60. In order to take advantage of the price and to purchase yours, please go onto the Facebook group - Coaching and Training, which as players, you should already be a member of. The link is in the discussions. If you run into a problem, then email media@puertoricolax.com for assistance. Please don't wait until the last moment. Also, I need a headcount of who is attending Foxborough. This count should include family that will be at the assessment on Friday evening. Send us an email to media@puertoricolax.com with the subj: HEADCOUNT FOR FOXBOROUGH - include the total numbers attending. For example - if you, the player are bringing 4 family members, say 1+4family. I can't tell you how important this is.

Lastly, Players - I need for you to fill out the waiver for ForeKicks - the facility that will host our assessment. The process is fairly easy and quick. Follow this link - don't worry about a roster, simply fill in your information and submit. Each player needs to have one on file before you hit the field. Here is the link and you will have to create an account to register: Waiver release

  1. Click on "Login/Account" in the left-hand menu and either log in or create an account as necessary.

  2. Add family members as necessary. For added family members make sure to fill in the DOB. To fill out a waiver the DOB must be filled in for both the person signing the waiver and for the person the waiver is for.

  3. A "Waiver" button should now be visible on those family members who can have a completed waiver.

  4. Click it and fill out the waiver form.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Foxborough and playing some hardcore international lacrosse.

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