The True Beginnings

Having just returned from this weekend's Three Kings Classic, I can share that beyond all the entertainment and exciting lacrosse action that I witnessed, there was a true reaffirmation that Puerto Ricans are all one extended family. Not from the physical blood relative aspect, but the strong bond of knowing that a group can come together so quickly and sense a feeling of forever knowing. The tragedy that occurred at FLL on Friday, brought the first sense of cohesiveness. Along with my wife and two sons, we had just departed the plane at FLL( Florida International Airport) literally 10 minutes after the crazed gunman destroyed the lives of five human beings, hindered the personas of at least 13 other passengers and of course affected the personality, mood, emotions, plans, and livelihood of thousand others. It was then that I received the first notification of what had occurred. A simple text with incredible significance. It was Nathan - Puerto Rico Lacrosse's President, who flying as well, but to Orlando, Fl. It was he that alerted me that there had been a shooting at the very airport that we had landed and the location was not terribly far from where I was standing.

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