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Men's National



The 2020 U19 Men's team has been identified and will now begin preparring for the road to Ireland.  Coach Mowry and his coaching staff personally assessed these talented Puerto Rican athletes and have put together a solid team that will represent Puerto Rico at the 2020 World Championships.  The team will be establishing a training program along with their fund raising campaigns to help facilitate their trip.  This team will be the first team for Puerto Rico Lacrosse that will appear on the field as full members of World Lacrosse.  See the full roster here.



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     Netanya, Israel - The Men's Puerto Rican Lacrosse National Team participated in our first World Championship of Lacrosse since becoming the 56th member of the Federation of International Lacrosse (now World Lacrosse). The championship had 46 teams with such known heavy hitters as USA, Canada, and Iroquois Nation but it was Puerto Rico's debut that we were highly anticipating.

     Immediately Puerto Rico came out determined with wins over Team(s) Wales, Bermuda, New Zealand, Germany, and Japan.  This swift accomplishment propelled Puerto Rico towards the front of the pack and on the minds of competitors. It wasn't until they faced the Iroquois Nation, that the success of the team raised issues.  As an associate member of the FIL, Puerto Rico was not expected to have advanced this far and therefore was not considered a threat for medal contention.  However as an associate member, the FIL rules did not allow for non full members to compete for medal.  So with the rumble of our success resonating in the FIL's ear, the FIL had an emergency meeting and decided to let us play on.

     Puerto Rico unfortunately suffered its first lost to the Iroquois and eventually placed 8th in the world after a tough loss to Israel.

All the highlights from the world games may be viewed here.

As a first-year program, our Men's National Team far exceeded the expectations of many and definitely placed Puerto Rico Lacrosse on the map as one of the heavy contenders of the sport.



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