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Puerto Rico Lacrosse is an organization with the goal of introducing lacrosse to the island of Puerto Rico. Lacrosse is a sport that can provide the youth of Puerto Rico a wealth of opportunity. It is our goal to not only foster the growth of lacrosse within Puerto Rico but to establish a self-sustaining lacrosse community. Through lacrosse, we are looking to make a positive impact on the lives of the youth of Puerto Rico. By forming a bond through this sport we hope to learn the needs of the community and help find ways to meet such needs. We seek to inspire the people of Puerto Rico and provide hope, passion, and purpose by using lacrosse as our vehicle to do so.



Student Internships / Mission Trips

Grassroots Lacrosse Clinics

Develop Puerto Rico National Teams

Develop Youth and Adult Club, High School, and Collegiate Teams


Miguel is a product of Puerto Rican parents who settled in Queens New York (NY). Moving from Queens, NY to Long Island, NY Miguel was first introduced to the game of lacrosse through his middle school football coach. Miguel is an alum of Liberty University with an undergraduate Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice/Strategic Intelligence and a graduate MBA degree. Miguel graduated from the Maurice A.Deane School of Law at Hofstra University in May of 2019. Miguel is currently a practicing attorney in the NYC area. Miguel was one of the pioneers to bring men's lacrosse back to Liberty University at the MCLA level. Playing all four years for Liberty, Miguel helped the team to an 18-2 record in 2013 and an SELC conference championship. It has been Miguel's lifelong dream to bring the game of lacrosse to his homeland of Puerto Rico. The opportunities afforded to Miguel through lacrosse is something that he hopes to share with the families and youth of Puerto Rico.

Miguel Lozada / Co-Founder


Nathan is an alumnus of Liberty University where he captained the Men's Lacrosse team. He has his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. Nathan is a law enforcement officer as well as a Military Reservist. Nathan has played at both the NCAA and MCLA collegiate level and has a long history of coaching. Nathan has a passion to grow the game, and afford young men and women with the opportunity to play lacrosse. Nathan recognizes that lacrosse is a door to learn countless life lessons. Nathan seeks to bring lacrosse to Puerto Rico so that Puerto Ricans have the same opportunity to play the game at the beginner, high school, and collegiate levels. Nathan believes that the love of people is the main focus, not the love of the sport.  

Nathan Lowmaster / Co-Founder

Jose was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico but grew up in Florida. At the age of 17, he enlisted in the US Navy and spent the next 26 years serving as a Hospital Corpsman.    During his active duty time, he completed his MBA with a concentration in Human Resources.  Graphics and photography were always a side venture, but in 2013 when he retired from the Navy, it became his primary working focus.  He joined Puerto Rico Lacrosse in 2016 with an established passion for Lacrosse   Jose designs the graphics, and takes all photography and produces video shorts for Puerto Rico Lacrosse.  In addition, he oversees our social media posts and providing marketing strategy for the future of Puerto Rico Lacrosse.  As with all the members, Jose has joined the team with a clear passion and drive to achieve the ultimate goal of bringing the game of Lacrosse to Puerto Rico. 

Jose Esquilin

Vice President / Director of Communications

Franceslyne is an alumnus of Pontifical Catholic University of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. Franceslyne has her Bachelor's in social work. Franceslyne spent a majority of her life living on the west coast of Puerto Rico where she worked for various Social Work/Counseling agencies. Franceslyne fell in love with lacrosse in 2013 when she moved to Virginia and watched Nathan Play at Liberty University. Franceslyne loves children and has a passion to see young people develop into the most they can be. Franceslyne understands the value of sports and the important role that a team sport plays in the development of a young person. Franceslyne has dedicated her life to the advancement in the quality of life for all walks of life. Nathan met his wife, Franceslyne, in Puerto Rico in 2009. Nathan and Franceslyne have a passion for Puerto Rico, and travel there often to visit family and enjoy the island.

Franceslyne Lowmaster / Ambassador / Island Development Committee

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